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Chiller Plant
Howden is a leading supplier of packaged refrigeration compressor sets, process chillers with S&T or plate heat exchangers, with capacities up to 10,580m3/h.

We offer a turnkey supply service integrated into the process requirements of the customer.  Units are based on simplified refrigeration processes to eliminate the needs for economisers and gearboxes.

Key Benefits
  • Superfeed (economiser) systems are available for enhanced COP
  • No refrigerant pump-out facilities required
  • No internal corrosion of the plant
  • No refrigerant pumps required
  • Customer designed to customer specifications


Standard features
  • Robust construction
  • Ease of operation


Detailed specifications

Howden chiller plants are designed according to the customer's specifications.  Each plant is optimised to limit electricity usage and deliver improved performance.  We use ammonia as our refrigerant as it has zero Global Warming Potential (GWP).  Our systems are safe, with automated ammonia detection and shut-down systems incorporated.  No refrigerant or refrigerant pump-out facilities are required.  The risk of the corrosion of internal components is eliminated, making for a long service life.

Output is Programmable Logic Controlled (PLC) based, and supplied as part of the complete Howden-designed systems.
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Food and beverage
Spare Parts

Howden chiller plants are supplied as turnkey projects, with complete aftermarket support available for the lifetime of the plant, including plant enhancements and refurbishments, on-site service at site and spares.

MG Mynhardt
Tel: +27 11 240 4025

Ian Wilke
Tel: +27 11 240 4243

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