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Flue Gas Conditioning
Howden optimises the performance of existing furnace electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) by injecting controlled doses of Sulphur Trioxide (SO3), to improve collection rates.

Sulphur Trioxide (SO3) has a significant positive effect on the performance of ESP plant. We have been very successful in improving collection rates of existing electrostatic precipitators used on furnaces & power utility boilers.
    Key benefits
    Optimum performance in high ambient temperature environments
    Suitable for furnaces fired with high ash content coal
    ESP power consumption minimised

    Based in Johannesburg, Howden Projects focuses on environmental control technology, with our main emphasis on flue gas cleaning for industrial applications and utilities. We offer a comprehensive service that extends from environmental risk analysis to building and installing full turnkey projects tailored precisely to local needs and conditions. Our specific areas of expertise include:

    • flue gas desulphurisation
    • pulse jet fabric filters
    • melt shop de-dusting.

    Each of the Howden Projects divisions is equipped with a range of technologies and capabilities to enable it to assess the actions required and devise the most effective response. These include:

    environmental risk analysis and audit of plant
    feasibility studies to determine the most appropriate control technology
    finite element analysis and 3D modelling to prepare mechanical and structural designs
    computational fluid dynamics software to analyse flow and heat distribution
    turnkey project management
    maintenance management.

    Detailed specifications

    The SO3 flue gas conditioning system supplied by Howden uses a liquid Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) to Sulphur trioxide (SO3) gas generator to provide the optimum in coal-burning power plant fly ash conditioning. The SO3 flue gas conditioning process vapourises SO2 in air to produce an SO3 gas stream for injection into flue gas ducts upstream of the electrostatic precipitators.

    Vapourised SO2 is transported from a liquid SO2 storage system and is combined with heated air at the SO3 gas generator skid before the gas mixture enters the catalytic converter where the SO2 reacts to form SO3.  A mass flow sensor and transmitter monitors and displays the SO2 flow which is controlled using a boiler load signal to achieve desired injection rates in ppm of SO3 in the flue gas stream.
    • General Industry
    • Iron and Steel
    • Power Generation
    Spare Parts

    As part of our service we conduct tests on individual plants to determine the optimum operating regime in order to minimise ESP power consumption and SO3 injection rates, and containing emissions levels below the statutory target limit. Howden’s installations are proven to offer optimum performance in high ambient temperature environments, on coal with high ash content.

    Ronnie Dauvellier
    Tel: +27 11 240 4182

    Len Miller
    Tel: +27 11 240 4291

    Leon Baidjurak
    Tel: +27 11 240 4241

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