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Dynamic scrubbers
Howden's dynamic semi-dry and wet scrubbing solutions are proven options for the control of gaseous emissions and particulates in diverse applications such as mine process plants, boilers, furnaces and kilns.

Key benefits
  • High temperature applications
  • Fluctuating gas inlet temperature applications
  • Can manage high inlet dust loadings
  • Solids content of 3% tolerated in recycled water.

Our dynamic scrubbers are robust, energy-efficient units that provide virtually maintenance free service, thanks to a design that keeps the fan blade clean during operation.

Detailed specifications


The HW-4 dynamic scrubbers are the energy-efficient option for removing particulates and gases from the flue gas stream. They have a 99.5% particulate collection efficiency in the 1 – 2 micron range, equivalent to a Venturi scrubber of 3.5 – 4kPa pressure with a pressure drop of only 1.25kPa.

Large particulates are initially removed by a combination of centrifugal and gravitational forces, followed by the passing of the stream through scrubber vanes to remove intermediate sized particles. The remaining fine dust is drawn into a chamber where a scrubbing liquid is applied to reduce droplet size and enhance agglomeration. The agglomerated particles are forced against the chamber walls and drain through the discharge cone, with the clean gas stream exiting from the top of the scrubber.



  • Iron and Steel
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Petrochemical
Spare Parts

Our dynamic scrubbers are supplied as fully engineered turnkey solutions by experienced sales engineers who understand the product and are qualified to specify, install and service our scrubbers at site.  Comprehensive aftermarket support, including on-site service and spares backup is offered.

Ronnie Dauvellier
Tel: +27 11 240 4182

Renato Lopes
Tel: +27 11 240 4054

John Hall
Tel: +27 11 240 4103

Jethro Fourie
Tel : +27 11 240 4022

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