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Covent Type E - Modified Radial Tip fans
Howden Covent Type E Fans are capable of handling extreme levels of dust-laden and sticky gases. Their flat, steeply backward-inclined blades are designed to prevent material from becoming trapped in areas where the centrifugal force is insufficient to remove it, greatly reducing dust build-up.

Key benefits
They are designed with flat, steeply backward-inclined blades to prevent material from becoming trapped in areas where the centrifugal force is insufficient to remove it. Because the abrasion patterns are predicable, dust deflectors and easily-changed partial or full-blade liners can substantially increase rotor life.

Following the proven pattern of the C series, the shroud design has been developed to maximise stability of performance and structural strength for the specific flow duties of each fan.

Standard features
With 15 rotor designs available, E series fans cover a full range of pressure and volume characteristics at temperatures of up to 427°C.

Optional features
  • Liners of abrasion-resistant steel, chromium, tungsten carbide and stainless steel are available.
Detailed specifications

  • Shroud
  • Type E flat modified radial tip bldes
  • Backplate
  • Full blade liners

The E series is suitable for dust-laden, sticky gas or air applications where high efficiency and low noise is required, such as:

induced draft fans either upstream or downstream of baghouses, electrostatic precipitators or scrubbers.
main process fans in cement and steel manufacturing with high temperature and high dust or abrasion levels.
general industrial applications in handling abrasive or corrosive gases.
large-scale industrial ventilation and cooling.
applications requiring specialised rotor materials.

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