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Burton Corblin® H-Series of Hybrid Compressors
The combination of piston and diaphragm technologies allows greater flows and high pressure delivery. Hybrid technology is a compact oil free solution to serve intermediate size units for high pressure needs.

Key Benefits

  • Hybrid compressor is a multi-stage solution for He, H2, N2 and other dry gases.
  • This high pressure solution delivers medium flow at low speed while the multiple stage solution of 3 to 5 stages compress gas from 1 to 450 bar. Gas is cooled at inter-stage and condensates are purged at the same time. Water-cooled heads evacuate calories generated during compression.
  • Reciprocating technology facilitates accessible maintenance for site operators.
  • Conservative rotation speed reduces fatigue.
  • Compact skid mounted designed to project & site specifications for an easy integration to process.
  • Purged packing design option is available to collect leakage from piston compression stages.
  • Dry compression ensures clean gas and machines are low rotation speed.

More information can be found in the compressor brochure.   

Standards features

  • Water cooled heads.
  • HIDS Head Integrated Detection System on each compression head

Optional features

  • Purged packing design option.
  • 3 or 4 compression stage designs.
  • Vertical and horizontal constructions.
Detailed specifications

Burton Corblin(R) H-Series performance envelope

Pressure Up to 450 bar / 6,500 psi
Flow Up to 700m3/h
Power Up to 700 kW /940 hp
Speed 500 rpm
  • He high pressure compression solutions and all dry gases N2, H2 process.


  • He gas compression for bottling and Aerospace.
  • Dry gases compression for bottling

Refinery & Petrochemical

  • Dry HC, H2, N2 high pressure for process feeding, blanketing and gas network. 
Spare Parts
The use of Burton Corblin® parts that exactly match the specifications and parameters of the originals can avoid a host of problems. We keep details of your installation on file so that we can check, before they leave us, that the spares we send are the ones you need.
Similarly, when we repair or replace a subassembly or design an upgrade, we can optimise it precisely to your requirements. From the smallest component to the replacement of control and monitoring systems with start-of-the-art versions, we believe that a complete understanding of the original installation is vital to success.

Howden customers have unlimited access to our Howden Compressor Service Centres - a global network of support locations offering an unrivalled local service and support across all of our compressor product ranges.

Our network can support all Howden compressor products as well as each and every one of our historical legacy brands, and parts and service for compressor brands not associated with Howden.
For detailed information on the range of services we can provide please visit our Service Centre pages, or find your nearest Howden Compressor Service Centre using our interactive map.

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