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Burton Corblin® D-Series of Diaphragm Compressors
Leak tight, high pressure process compressor packages for situations where complete isolation of gas is vital, including oil and gas processes, production sites and laboratories handling high purity, rare, toxic, flammable, corrosive, explosive or radioactive gases.

Key benefits

  • Zero Leakage Zero Contamination: No rod packing and rings in contact with gas. Gas is confined in a hermetic, leak-tight chamber sealed by static contact.
  • HIDS: When integrity of the diaphragm is compromised, the compressor is thus stopped before any leakage or contamination can occur.
  • Compression ratios: With minimal death space in the compression chamber, compressor can reach 1:15 ratio per head.
  • Spec compliant: Packages delivered match design specifications such as overall dimensions, connections, instrumentation, tagging, colour, area protection, and prevention from chemical, sand, salt aggressiveness.
  • Easy integration (Skid mounted turn Key solutions): Most of packages are delivered in one compact piece. Compact solutions on skid integrating, driver, coolers, capacities, control and safety instrumentation.
  • Maintenance: Easy access to regulation and control equipment, to components requiring routine maintenance.
  • Model sizing: Designed with conservative speed and mechanical stress limits.
  • Pressure increase: Compressing ratio defined for each compression stage. It demands profound knowledge of the behaviour of the gas as temperatures and pressures change during the compression cycle.

Full details can be found in our product brochure for Diaphragm compressors or you can see the Diaphragm in detail using our animation.

More information can be found in the compressor brochure.

Standard Features

  • Water cooled heads.
  • HIDS Head Integrated Detection System on each compression head
  • Compression head and diaphragm materials selected among steel, irons and alloys grades according gas profile.
  • Piping design, instruments and components definition for optimized fluid flows.

Optional features

  • By-pass system
  • Gas filtration
  • Back pressure valve
  • Control cabinets, DCS.
Detailed specifications

Water cooled heads.

Compression Head and diaphragm materials selected among steel, irons and alloys grades according gas profile.


Multiple Stage














1 stage

1 stage

1/ 15


10 to 1.300kW

Up to 3000 bar

500 rpm







750 rpm






500 rpm









500 rpm

  • In the chemical and petrochemical sectors, Burton Corblin® compressors operate safely at extreme pressures and temperatures, handling a wide range of light and heavy gases, many with corrosive, flammable, toxic or bio-hazardous components.
  • Oil & Gas downstream refinery: Hydro treatment. Make-up, recycle, regeneration, vent gas, blanketing of reactors... H2, N2, Air Utility compressors. Flare gas recovery.
  • Oil & Gas downstream petrochemical: Compression of any gas. Make-up, recycle, regeneration, vent gas compressors. Blanketing of reactors. H2, N2, Air Utility compressors.
  • Chemical: Fluor process, Chemistry, Paints, Pharmaceutical, Research & Laboratories, Polysilicon production, H2S, Chlorine and many other complex gases.
  • Power generation Hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Nuclear: Nuclear fuel enrichment processes, Waste fuel treatments, Radioactive gas leak compression and Laboratory applications.
  • Industrial sector select in Howden compressors for their reliability and availability backing sites’ production processes. Many situations require that the gases must be hermetically isolated from the atmosphere to prevent fire hazard, contamination or pollution. High pressure filling of gas cylinders and tubes. Airbag cartridges filling. Manufacture and processing of ultra-high purity, rare and electronic gases
  • Aerospace helium compressors.
Spare Parts

The use of Burton Corblin® parts that exactly match the specifications and parameters of the originals can avoid a host of problems. We keep details of your installation on file so that we can check, before they leave us, that the spares we send are the ones you need.

Similarly, when we repair or replace a sub-assembly or design an upgrade, we can optimise it precisely to your requirements. From the smallest component to the replacement of control and monitoring systems with start-of-the-art versions, we believe that a complete understanding of the original installation is vital to success.

Howden customers have unlimited access to our Howden Compressor Service Centres - a global network of support locations offering an unrivalled local service and support across all of our compressor product ranges.

Our network can support all Howden compressor products as well as each and every one of our historical legacy brands, and parts and service for compressor brands not associated with Howden.

For detailed information on the range of services we can provide please visit our Service Centre pages, or find your nearest Howden Compressor Service Centre using our interactive map .

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