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Thomassen C-Series of API618 Reciprocating Compressors
The Howden C-Series are the Heavy Duty API618 Thomassen Reciprocating Compressors. Tailor made designs are always made to assure flexible fit for process and applications.
Key Benefits
The Thomassen C-series covers a range from one to 33MW and meet all of the relevant API 618 and ISO specifications. The design has been optimised for easy access to facilitate maintenance and minimise downtime. The cylinders are horizontally opposed and balanced to ensure long-term vibration-free running.
More information can be found in the compressor brochure.
Standard Features
FFPTM Free Floating Piston removes rider ring wear at a stroke in non-lubricated systems by using a cushion of pressurised process gas to float the piston.
Hydrofit Couplings are located at both the piston and the crosshead ends to offset against fatigue failure at the most critical points
Optional Features
The RsensTM system places a sensor inside the piston head cover itself, from where it provides precise and reliable feedback of rider ring condition.
Detailed specifications

C-Series frame sizes & ratings


Rating (kN) 

Rated power (kW) 

Rated speed (rpm) 

No. of cranks 





1 - 2 





1 - 4





1 - 6 





1 - 6





2 - 6 





2 - 8





1 - 6 



  • Hydrogen Processes (more info)
  • Hydrocracking(more info)
  • Treating(more info)
  • Catalytic Reforming(more info)
  • Visbreaking(more info)
  • Coal to Liquid (CTL)
  • Gas to Liquid (GTL)
  • Other related processes.

Upstream & Midstream:

  • Gas Lift
  • Gas Gathering
  • Gas Field Depletion
  • Gas Transmission
  • Gas Storage
  • Gas Processing
  • LNG
  • Other related processes

Chemical & Petrochemical:

  • LDPE
  • Polysilicon
  • Ethylene
  • Propylene
  • Other related processes
Spare Parts
We supply a comprehensive range of spare parts for both our own and third-party compressors.
Our extensive network of local service centres in the Far East, Australia, Middle East, India and Brasil ensures a fast response to requests for spare parts.
The Thomassen Online Portal, ThOP is considered a special feature in the supply of spare parts. In this portal parts lists per machine are accessible online to our customers. ThOP also grants you access to updated manuals and drawings of your Thomassen compressors.
Intelligent warehousing and dedicated stocking and supply of parts ensures availability of spare parts when you need them.
Customers are primarily concerned with the reliable supply of products to their client organizations. These products must be delivered in line with the needs of their users and must adapt to peaks in demand. In some cases, a guaranteed productioncapacity must be available. Howden Thomassen has maintenance agreements with Shell and other major players for supply of parts and service to maintain the equipment on site.
Compressor training
Howden Thomassen Compressors courses offer more than theoretical knowledge. The proximity of our manufacturing facilities also allows participant to gain practical experience. We organise tailored as well as open courses. Our courses are recognised for their thoroughness, attention to detail and high standards. Over the years, we have shifted our focus from maintenance to compressor operation in the broadest sense. Our training centre, which is regularly used to instruct service engineers, is equipped with the very best facilities.

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