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Howden Oil Injected Screw Compressor Packages
Howden’s oil injected screw compressors are proven and highly reliable products that are trusted throughout the world. Oil injected compressors offer a number of advantages across a range of applications that demand high efficiency and high discharge pressures.
Key Benefits
Bespoke designed, skid-mounted and packaged with all necessary control, instrumentation, analysis and diagnostic capabilities, these systems are based around Howden’s range of proven and reliable oil injected screw compressors:
  • WRV Range : Double-walled casing design, robust, proven and highly reliable oil injected range, which includes the world’s largest capacity oil injected screw compressors.
  • XRV Range : Singled-walled range, designed to allow ease of installation and ideal for horizontal separator applications.
  • GTV Model : High pressure compressors offering up to 75 bar discharge pressure.

More information can be found in the compressor brochure.

Standard Features
Packaged systems that operate at speeds of between 1,000 and 5,000 rpm, delivering up to 18,000 cubic metres per hour of gas at pressures up to 75 bar.
Oil injected compressors offer a number of advantages across a range of applications that demand high efficiency and high discharge pressures. The synthetic oil is an integral part of the machine. It is specifically engineered to suit the specific process – it can, for example, be designed to keep the gas within the machine at neutral acidity, whatever its original pH value. Issues such as dew point control and compatibility with the process gas are always considered when selecting the oil.
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Detailed specifications
Howden oil injected screw compressor range performance envelope
Property Value A Value B
Pressure Up to 75 bar a 1,087 psia
Power Up to 5,000 kW 6,700 hp
Flow rate Up to 16,000 sm3/hr 13.56mmScfd
Speed Up to 5,000 rpm  
Versatile oil injected screw compressor range for all applications
Range Model Ratios
XRV Model 127 1 L/D ratio - direct drive and3 gear drives
XRV / WRV Model 163 2 L/D ratios
XRV / WRV Model 204 4 L/D ratios
WRV Model 255 6 L/D ratios
WRV Model 321 4 L/D ratios
WRV Model 365 2 L/D ratios
WRV Model 510 3 L/D ratios
GTV Model 228 1 L/D ratio
Property Value
Operating speeds 1,000 - 5,000 rpm
Capacity range 200 - 16,000 m3/hr
Pressure ratio 20/1 (single stage)
Max discharge pressure 75 bar g
Max discharge temperature 115oC
Materials casings Cast iron, nodular iron, carbon steel, LT carbon steel
Through our range of dedicated compressor companies, Howden brings together unparalleled experience and expertise in all aspects of gas compression equipment, with unique skills and unmatched reputation in areas where toxic, corrosive or unstable gases present added complications. In any sector, in every application where reliable, round the clock operation is paramount, Howden innovation and technology keeps the world’s industries running.
See our Compressor Application Matrix  to identify the choice of Howden compressor product available for your specific project.
Spare Parts
Howden’s aftermarket service teams understand the different needs of each industry sector and always strive to provide the best possible solution both from a technical and economic perspective. Through our global network of local service centres, supported by our compressor product centres of excellence for design and manufacture, we offer the following aftermarket services:
  • Supply of Original Replacement Parts

  • Compressor Up-grades and Retrofits

  • Overhaul and Repairs

  • Field Site Services

  • Engineering Troubleshooting

  • Maintenance Contracts

  • Re-Commissioning

  • Customer Operator Training

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