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With experience stretching back more than 160 years, we have established the reputation of being at the forefront of the global market for fan products. Research and development has played a vital part in establishing and maintaining our products at the highest levels of technology, in particular in terms of efficiency and reliability.The knowledge we have gained from a wide range of applications enables us to engineer fan solutions to meet the challenges of new processes such as carbon capture and other environmental treatment processes.

Key Benefits

From our extensive range of custom engineered centrifugal fans, we can supply designs to satisfy the demands of a vast spectrum of applications where a fan is required to create a flow of air or gas.

If there is a set of fan requirements for a particular application, it is likely that somewhere within Howden range of fans there will a product design that can be used or adapted for the process. If no pre-existing design was suitable we have the knowledge, experience and ability to design new product solution to meet the requirements.

Detailed specifications
  • Emerging technologies

    Emerging technologies and processes, often driven by legislative requirements, need unique fan product solutions. Howden are one of the few manufactures who are in a position to provide industry with fans custom engineered for these new applications.

Spare Parts

If the spares are for equipment originally supplied by Howden or one of our legacy brands, we can continue to support them through our extensive contract records, archives and original drawings.

Where some parts are no longer available we have the facility to engineer an equivalent replacement alleviating the requirement for full product replacement.

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