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Pelletising Plant Fans
The process to manufacture Pellet requires a number of large fans to provide combustion air, extract waste gasses and control temperatures. The fans used in the Pelletising process have to work in extremely challenging conditions, with some gas temperatures reaching 450 deg C and containing significant quantities of highly abrasive dust.

Key benefits

Iron Ore Fines (dust) cannot be placed directly into the blast furnace to make Iron as it would block the passage of gasses inside the smelting vessel and “snuff” out the combustion process. To prevent this fine-grained iron ore is processed into regularly sized balls known as pellets. These pellets are then used to make steel in a blast furnace or direct reduction plant.


Detailed specifications
Our experience enables us to provide fan products to our customers that are specifically engineered to match the requirements of the process with high reliability and efficiency.

Howden engineers understand the process requirements and use this knowledge to methodically assess the different requirements for each of the main process fans.

Some of the process fans will require replaceable wear plates to protect all vulnerable areas on the impeller. Other fans will need a lesser degree of protection.

We use our design expertise to balance the wear protection effectiveness and cost. This enables us to offer our customers economic solutions that will still ensure the integrity of the process function

  • Updraught Drying

    This fan operates at the beginning of the pelletising process, with a gas temperature of around 100 deg C, removing water laden gas from the green pellets in the process drying zone,. The heat for this drying process is re-cycled from the second cooling zone near the end of the process.

  • Plant De-dusting

    After the process gas has passed through the pellets in the drying zone it is pulled through a dust cleaning process by the plant de-dusting fan. This waste gas is then discharged by the fan into the atmosphere via a chimney stack.

  • Windbox Exhaust

    This fan extracts waste gas from the windbox which is located at the beginning of the indurating process area. The gas is pulled through a dust cleaning process by the fan and then it is discharged into the atmosphere via a chimney stack.

  • Hood Exhaust

    This fan extracts waste gas from a hood sitting above the combusting process in the indurating zone. The gas is pulled through a dust cleaning process by the fan and then it is discharged into the atmosphere via the same chimney stack as gas from the Windbox exhaust fan.

  • Windbox Recuperation

    The windbox recuperation fan extracts hot gas from below the middle section of the indurating process and recycles it to the front of the indurating zone. This process recovers a significant amount of energy and increases the overall process efficiency.

  • Cooling Air

    The cooling air fan sits at the end of the pelletising process and pushes cold ambient air though the hot pellets to quickly reduce the temperature of the pellets, enabling them transported to the bulk storage area where it is then used to feed the blast furnaces that manufacture steel.

Spare Parts

If the spares are for equipment originally supplied by Howden or one of our legacy brands, we can continue to support them through our extensive contract records, archives and original drawings.

Where some parts are no longer available we have the facility to engineer an equivalent replacement alleviating the requirement for full product replacement.

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