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Mine Ventilation Fans
The comprehensive line of ALPHAIR Cyclone custom engineered centrifugal fans from Howden are perfectly suited to applications that require moving air at higher pressures or volume, or air that is comprised of hot gases (up to 1000F/540C), corrosive gases or abrasive particulate.
Key Benefits
  • Mine ventilation requirements tend towards high specific speed fan designs with high efficiency and low noise characteristics.
  • Howden is able to offer a very wide range of centrifugal, axial flow and mixed fl ow axial fans for these applications.
  • Custom engineered features include blade nose wear protection and corrosion resistant materials of construction.

Standard features

  • Proven robust designs
  • Long term reliability
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Complete installation service
  • Bend designs
  • Self-closing doors

Optional features

  • Vertical and Horizontal axis installations
  • Inlet Vane Control
  • Silencers
  • Heavy duty industrial Dampers
  • Louvre dampers
  • Opposed blade dampers
  • Radial vane control
  • Screens
  • Spring or RIS mounts
  • Stall prevention systems
  • Pre-rotators to improve pressure performance
  • Alternative blade profiles
  • Alternative blade materials
  • Upgrade control and instrumentation including the addition of flow measurement.
Detailed specifications
  • Narrow Backward Inclined Range

    Narrow inherently strong impellers which can run at very high speed.

  • Backward Inclined Bladed Range

    family of strong, highly effi cient impellers optimised to maximise strength and reduce blade curvature.

  • Backward Inclined Forward Range

    family of backward inclined forward curved bladed impellers.

  • Straight Backward Inclined Bladed Range

    Cost effective fl at plate bladed impellers that can be easily lined.

  • Aerofoil Bladed Range

    Highly efficient, suitable for high flow rates at medium to low pressures.

  • Aerofoil Bladed Range

    efficient, specifically designed for mine ventilation

  • Paddle Bladed Range

    range of low stressed, paddle bladed fans.

  • Backward Inclined Bladed Range

    family of backward curved plate bladed impellers.

  • Straight Backward Inclined Bladed Range

    A family of strong impellers with rotating inducer and rotating diffuser.

  • Backward Inclined Bladed Range

    family of backward curved bladed impellers with rotating inducer section.

  • Up cast and down cast main surface fans
  • Underground auxiliaries
  • Booster fans
  • Multi fan installations
  • Hard rock mines
  • Coal mines
Spare Parts

We offer a full aftermarket spares, service and support service, Please use our contact finder to find the right person to talk to.

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