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FPX Series
On the market since 1999, the FPX – series is the most silent fan in combination with its performance. Only because of its blade shape the noise is already 8 dB(A) lower than a standard blade, in combination with a lower possible fan speed, noise reduction up to 20 dB(A) compared to a standard fan is possible. With the diameters ranging from 710 mm to 108 inches (2.743 mm) the FPX fan can be used for operation in applications like radiators, package cooling towers and ventilation systems in buildings. Please contact Howden for the latest selection software for FPX fans and find the best option in the range of FPX-series fans or select our brochure for more detailed information.
Key Benefits
  • Fitted to your application – gain the best balance between low noise, cooling performance and power consumption
  • Requires little maintenance – the single-piece body of the FPX is made of fibre-reinforced polyester (FRP)
  • Damps down mechanical vibrations- The FRP blades offer superior damping of mechanical vibrations and great chemical resistance.
  • Simple to assemble - FPX fans come with a tapered bushing connection as well as clear technical documentation
  • Highly convenient - get a complete FPX cooling unit package (including fan casing, drive, and entire suspension) all from one source
Standard Features
  • Operation from -20°C to +65°C– the FPX continues to perform in very hot as well as cooler industrial environments
  • Special aerofoil design– meets strict environmental demands for low noise while delivering high efficiency
Optional Features
  • Upgraded leading edge blade protection – we can better protect the blade for use in wet cooling applications
Detailed specifications
Minimum parameter Maximum parameter
Fan diameter 711mm (28") 2743 mm (108")
  • Radiator

  • Air cooled heat exchanger

  • Cooling tower (package)

Spare Parts
We can supply spare parts for all our FPX fans. No matter where you are in the world, we can supply you with the part you need.

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