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D Series
On the market since 2008, the D-series has been developed and proven to be, in most cases, the best combination of performance, reliability and price for operation in applications like air cooled condensers and field erected cooling towers. In diameters between 26 ft and 38 ft, the D-series is available with three blade profiles from DNF, DLF and DVF even up to 11 blades when selecting the so called DM series. Please download our latest selection software to find the best option in the wide range of D-series fans or select our brochure for more detailed information. Discover our D-Series Cooling Fans.
Key Benefits
  • Delivers high efficiency – and reduces power consumption.
  • Boosts cooling performance –  designed to deliver the optimum aerodynamic performance.
  • Damps down mechanical vibrations – the FRP blades offer superior damping of mechanical vibrations and great chemical resistance.
  • Lasts for up many years – the fan blade is integrated (rather than bolted on) to the shaft, so there’s not much mechanical stress at the joints.
  • Simple to assemble – D-series fans come with clear technical documentation.
Standard Features
  • Straight aerofoil design – the D-Series fan rotates clockwise in the horizontal plane
  • –20°C to +65°C operation – the D-Series fan works in hot and cool industrial environments
  • Polyurethane-coated steel hub – the D-Series fan also has aluminium blade supports and stainless steel U-bolts, nuts and washers
Optional Features
  • Up to 120°C operation – with special modifications, the D-Series fan can operate in temperatures above the 65°C standard limit
  • Upgraded Leading Edge blade protection – we can better protect the blade for use in wet cooling applications
  • Upgraded materials and coating – we can upgrade the D-Series fan so that it’s appropriate for sea water cooling tower applications
  • Coupling flanges – we can supply cast iron, polyurethane-coated coupling flanges to mate with drive shafts having either a cylindrical bore or a tapered bushing connection
Detailed specifications
Minimum parameter Maximum parameter
Fan diameter 7,925mm (26ft) 10,973mm (36 ft)
  • Field-erected cooling towers
  • Air-cooled condensers
Spare Parts
We can supply spare parts for all our D-Series fans. No matter where you are in the world, we can supply you with the part you need.

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