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PF VP Axial Fans
The PF fan is a fully custom made design to order specification. It can be done as a single stage fan (PFS range) with one axial impeller or a two stage fan (PFT range) with two axial impellers. It can be either controlled via its precise and step less hydraulic blade pitch control system with very low hysteresis or using a Variable Frequency Drive with a fixed pitch PF fan.
Key Benefits
Independent of the choice of controlling the fan, it will deliver excellent efficiency (>92% top efficiency).
Fully optimized fan selections
We design tools and design process ensures that the fan selection is fully optimized. This meaning full control of where the top efficiency is chosen in order to meet the by the customers requested design duty points. Fläkt Woods has many different design options to choose from enabling a fan selection that can be fully optimized on various parameters, such as flow, pressure, power (efficiency) or noise levels.
Precise and step less blade pitch control with low hysteresis
The blade pitch control system is hydraulic using a hydraulic cylinder to transfer the forces from the hydraulic pressure to create blade pitch movement. Our design is reliable and robust, delivering a fast response to any blade pitch change request. The system is controlled using a small control loop with a control card and a proportional valve, ensuring that the by the plant control system (DCS) required blade pitch is reached in a fast and controlled way.
Stringent quality control with no welds in rotating parts
The manufacturing process of the PF fans is controlled by a stringent quality control system to ensure high quality deliveries in time. In order to fully comply with customer fan specifications, we have a robust project management and design process, where all aspects of the fan design and customer requirements are covered. Every part is controlled before assembly and every rotor with variable pitch in motion is spin tested with the complete delivery unit. There are no welds in the rotor, meaning that there is no risk for cracks or any need to weld inspection on any rotating part.
Standard Features
Easy maintenance with short down time
The PF fan blade bearings can be replaced during a normal short outage without full disassembly of the fan. One simply unbolt the blades, the blade shaft, take out the axial bearings and replace with new ones. This can be done without taking the fan apart.
new ones. This can be done without taking the fan apart.
Optional Features
Single stage fan (PFS range) with one axial impeller or a two stage fan (PFT range) with two axial impellers.
Detailed specifications
References – installed base
The PF fan with variable pitch in motion has a large world-wide installed base with more than 600 fans installed.
  • Max installed tip speed 195 m/s

  • Max installed fan diameter 450 cm

  • Max installed power > 10 MW

  • Max installed continuous temperature > 200ºC

  • Max installed excursion temperature > 400ºC

  • Primary Air (PA)

  • Induced Draught (ID)

  • Forced Draught (FD)

  • Booster applications - FGD and SCR

Spare Parts
If the spares are for equipment originally supplied by Howden or one of our legacy brands, we can continue to support them through our extensive contract records, archives and original drawings.
Where some parts are no longer available we have the facility to engineer an equivalent replacement alleviating the requirement for full product replacement.
Please go to our contact finder and use the aftermarket selection to identify the person you need to talk to.

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