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Oil Coolers
The oil coolers are exclusively adapted to cool the oil used in power transformers. They are designed to run under the most stringent operating conditions such as Temperature, Corrosive atmospheres , Dust, sand, rain and snow

Custom made Oil Coolers


Tinned Copper or aluminium finned tubes


Designed to run under the most stringent operating conditions:


Corrosive atmosphere

Dust, sand, rain and snow


Low sound levels

Examples: 36MVA at 60dB; 70MVA at 65dB


Adapted to your existing interfaces à Plug & Play

Standard Features

Tube stacks

Our finned tubes, without inner tubulators, are made of either aluminium or tinned copper, depending on the corrosion risk.
        Pressure rating: + 300,000 Pa absolute
        Depression rating: + 100 Pa absolute

Internal cleanliness
After expansion the inside of each tube is visually inspected. After the tightness test (described below), the oil cooler is rinsed with filtered transformer oil at 80°C, circulating at high speed for 20 minutes. The input and output pipes of the oil cooler are then hermetically sealed.

Each oil cooler undergoes a tightness test with hot transformer oil (80°C) circulating for 4 hours at a pressure of 250,000 Pa absolute.

Made of steel, they can be bolted or welded to the tube plate with a bolted cover. Sealing is provided with a nitrile seal.

Oil inlet/outlet
The oil coolers proposed are designed for 1 or 3 oil passages inside the tube stacks. The oil inlet and outlet can then be positioned, on request, on the respective manifolds.

The inlet/outlet pipes are fastened with flanges.

Air supply plenum
The air supply plenum consists of two thick sheet side-members that connect the tube plates, and a fan support sheet. Spring washers on the plate/side-member attachments allow the stacks to expand.

Axial fan
This fan, which is part of our Axipal BZi line, ensures the lowest sound levels and high efficiency. The casing, which forms a bell mouth for suction and a diffuser for blowing, minimizes pressure drops. The blower wire guard is compliant with international safety standards.

Compliant with international standards:
        6, 8 and 12 poles
        foot mounted,
        IP 55, class F, drain hole at low point

They are electrically isolated from the fan casing.

Mobile power stations
On request, a specific design is proposed to withstand the shocks and vibrations due to installation on board of a wagon on a road trailer.

Filter wire guard
Filter can be disassembled when transformer is running.

Electrical connection box
Aluminium box compliant with international standards (IP 55 sealing). It receives the cables from the fan motors (and in some cases from the pump). It is equipped with terminal strips and stuffing glands for connection of the power cables.

Surfaces in contact with oil
After SA 2.5 sandblasting:
        1 coat of paint resistant to transformer oil
        Thickness: 20 microns.

Outer surfaces (standard version)
After SA 2.5 sandblasting:
        One coat of rust-proofing primer
        One finishing coat
        Total thickness: 125 microns (other coatings may be defined according to the environment or specific requests).

Nuts and bolts
Steel with 200h salt spray coating, zinc based.

Fan wire guard
Stainless steel.


Detailed specifications

Power generation

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