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Maintenance & Repairs

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Howden's maintenance philosophy is based on minimising the total cost of ownership by determining the most efficient balance between availability and reliability.

We safeguard reliability by fully investigating any failures that occur, and preventing their recurrence. Our engineering experience and the feedback we receive allows us to continually improve our maintenance strategies and plans, which have evolved into a comprehensive and flexible modular system designed to actively optimise compressor performance.

We offer the following maintenance modules, which between them offer reduced total cost of ownership, transparent maintenance costs, continually improvements to the maintenance process, flexible contracts and a gradually raising of your in-house expertise.

Supplier stock agreement
To keep your compression equipment available, the timely delivery of spare parts is critical. We offer a supplier stock agreement that specifies the spare parts we keep in stock on your behalf and stipulates our delivery deadlines.

Planned or emergency maintenance call outs

Our call out agreements ensure you receive on-site support within agreed response times and in accordance with all relevant Health, Safety & Environmental standards as well as your own internal regulations.

Specialist back-up

When you need additional specialist engineering capacity we can assist you on a project basis, helping you to modify your compression equipment or optimise its operation.

Repair services

Many of our customers prefer to deal with a single service partner. We can undertake to guarantee that access to our compression engineering services will be available when you need it.


An in-depth understanding of your compression equipment improves overall performance. We have developed training courses specifically for engineering personnel and operators.

Why work with Howden's team?

  • Overall reduction in your TCoO
  • Transparent maintenance costs
  • Ongoing improvement of maintenance processes
  • Flexible contracts
  • Greater in-house expertise
  • Win-win situation



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