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Sugar industry

The  sugar production process has become increasingly automated in recent years to meet the demand for biofuels. As a result the system is dependent on having efficient and reliable equipment installed which guarantees a low operating cost over  a long life span.

Considerable quantities of heat and power are used in refining sugar and the boiler plant is a vital part of the production process. Howden provides process fans as well ventilation and cooling fans.

We supply fans for both the mills that process sugar cane and the factories that process sugar beet. Bagasse, the waste from sugar cane refining is burned in sugar cane mills to provide power and heat.

It is a difficult material to burn and poses challenges to the fans because of fouling and corrosion. The boiler fans we supply - induced draught, primary and secondary air - have the advantage of designs evolved over a long period.

The demands for boilers in sugar beet factories depend on the fuels used but may be just as onerous for the exhaust gas fans if the fuel is poor. For more than 50 years we have been designing fans for such applications and have successfully revamped installations, using impellers of improved design to ensure that they operate throughout a campaign without shutdown for maintenance. Modifying the fan so that no maintenance is required until the annual plant shutdown has clear economic advantages.

Some sugar factories have gas turbine based CHP plant and where the gas fuel supply pressure is inadequate we can supply fuel gas compressors.

For sugar mills we supply centrifugal and axial boiler fans for induced and forced draught, and for sugar plants generally we supply fans for ventilation and cooling systems.

ExVel(R) fans are used in the sugar industry to concentrate clarified juice in MVC evaporators. Concentrating the clarified juice with MVC evaporation will substantially reduce the steam requirement for evaporation so this technology is especially attractive for new installations with co-generation, and for de-bottlenecking.


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