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Mineral processing

Separating metals and minerals from ore by refining and smelting can require corrosive chemicals, and heat andHowden supplies equipment to meet the demanding requirements of the metals and mineral processing industries.  Howden products - fans, blowers and turbo-compressors, are found in all sectors from the mine site to smelters and refining plants.


Howden manufactures and supplies multi-stage high pressure fans (or blowers). These are used in the mineral processing and chemical industries where there is a need to supply relatively small flows at high pressure.

Our equipment is used in many applications. In initial ore treatment fans are used for washing or percolation in ore leaching to increase airflows, and fans and blowers are used to provide air for flotation cells.

Smelting of concentrated base metal ores (copper, lead, zinc) is a process in which fans and the turbo compressors provide air for the reactions. Centrifugal fans exhaust the gases from the converters and smelters.

The sulphur dioxide gas produced from smelters is now increasingly captured and converted to sulphuric acid; turbo-compressors are also key components in sulphuric acid production.

We are major suppliers of fans for alumina refineries and aluminium smelters. Removal of the plant fumes is essential for environmental control.



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