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Emissions control

Regulatory authorities around the world continue to set stricter standards which industrial companies of all kinds have to comply with in order to maintain a clean atmosphere.

Howden products are used in many systems which assist industry to control the exhaust process and our innovative R&D programmes continue to improve product performance for our customers.

As environmental protection becomes increasingly important, Howden equipment plays a significant part in many applications that are of direct environmental benefit on land, air and water. 

We provide exhaust fans for the large dust control systems required in many industries. Howden Africa engineers complete fabric filter dust control systems in that region.

For the gathering and compression of landfill or other biogas, we supply gas boosters that are exceptionally robust and can cope with the corrosive nature of the gas.  We supply piston and screw compressor packages to provide the additional pressurisation needed in the cases when the gas is burned in boilers or in gas engines. 

Aeration is a common means of treatment for wastewater and effluent. Our high efficiency turbo-compressors cater for the needs of the largest sewage treatment plants. In an era of high energy costs, the operational savings from these high efficiency machines is significant. For smaller plants we supply rotary lobe RPD blowers for aeration and for air scour applications.  We are the distributor in the UK for the Robuschi RPD blower range.


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