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Tunnel ventilation

Good ventilation is an essential part of the planning process for modern tunnel design – especially in road and rail tunnels where passenger safety and comfort is essential. Vehicle tunnels and metros have to be able to meet the air flow demands which match changing traffic conditions, as well as being able to remain in operation during emergency situations. 

Howden tunnel ventilation fans perform this task efficiently, reliably and quietly, and are designed to remain operational during extreme temperature conditions.

We have a range of axial flow fans and jet fans specifically designed for tunnel and metro applications. Their features include high efficiency, low noise, durability, high reliability, low maintenance, corrosion protection and flameproof motors,  with auto-variable pitch or variable speed drive, and the potential for up to 100% reverse flow.

We have supplied the ventilation systems and fans for many tunnels in Europe, and North America, including those for the re-equipping of the Mont Blanc tunnel and the Gotthard tunnel, as well as providing fans for tunnels in other parts of the world.

Typical applications include:

  • Longitudinal ventilation with Saccardo jet, injector or extraction
  • Transverse ventilation of road tunnels
  • Semi-transverse ventilation of road tunnels
  • Jet fans for longitudinal tunnel ventilation
  • Skid mounted wet dust extractors to keep dust levels low during tunnel construction.



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