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Refrigeration is a process in which heat is taken from one location and moved to another. Refrigeration has many applications within industry, such as food refrigerators, industrial freezers, cryogenics, and air conditioning.

The refrigeration industry also supports many other sectors such as the leisure industry where ice rinks and ski slopes are dependent on refrigerated solutions.

Howden compressors are at the heart of many refrigeration plants, particularly large installations and those that have demanding or special requirements.

There are many industries where refrigeration is needed, the food industry being a principal one. Our compressors are used in refrigeration plants used for freezing, cooling or processing meat, vegetables, dairy products and fish. Refrigeration is needed on trawlers and for ice plants. It is used in climate chambers to ripen fruit such as bananas and for storage of food in warehouses or supermarkets.

In the petrochemical and process industries there is frequently the need to cool the reactants or liquefy process gases and our compressors may be found in the refrigeration plant.

Our compressors are also found in air conditioning refrigeration plant including mobile air conditioners for aircraft. A special application is in cooling of deep mines.

Not least the leisure industry requires refrigeration for ice rinks and increasingly for artificial snow production.


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