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Companies in the pulp and paper industry use wood as a raw material to produce pulp, paper, board and other cellulose-based products. This is done by chemically or mechanically separating cellulose fibres from wood, fibre crops or waste paper and then putting the material through a high temperature process.

Most pulp will end up in the form of paper, card or board.

The pulp and paper industry is heavily energy intensive with both power and heat being essential for production. Boilers may be fuelled by various biomass wastes, black liquor or coal, and the erosive and corrosive exhaust gases present challenges to the associated fan and heat exchanger equipment. Howden provides fans for pulp and paper mill boilers to meet these demands.

We supplied equipment for the biggest biomass fuelled boiler in service at that time at the site of a pulp and paper mill in Finland. The circulating fluidised bed boiler burns bark, logging residues, wood chips and peat, with coal as a reserve. The primary and secondary air fans, the flue gas fan and the air preheater were all supplied by Howden.

Gas turbines are used as prime movers in many pulp and paper mills. We supply the fans to provide air for the waste heat recovery steam generators, needed when operating in supplementary or auxiliary mode. Our compressors are used to boost the pressure of the gas turbine fuel gas.

As well providing for the heat and power needs of the paper industry we also supply fans for drying and ventilating applications associated with the paper production process.

In pulp mills our compressors handle the gases used for bleaching the pulp while our ExVel(R) turbo fans are used in MVC evaporators to concentrate effluents from semi-chemical and chemical wood pulping for chemical recovery and for closing the process water loop.


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