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Power generation

The world is increasingly dependent on having a reliable supply of electric power - and our products play a central role in supporting the power producers who need efficient, reliable fans, rotary regenerative heat exchangers, compressors and other equipment to keep the generating process running continuously.

Howden has supplied over 40,000 boiler draught fans and almost 5,000 rotary heat exchangers in over 100 countries making it a leading supplier to the industry.

Fossil fired power generation demands the highest levels of equipment performance and reliability. 

Howden fans, rotary heat exchangers and compressors are no exception to this, operating at peak performance for years between planned outages. With over 100 years of experience in power generation Howden has grown to be a recognised and trusted global partner within the power industry delivering reliability and performance  in order to give our customers the benefit of lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

The advanced technology and inherent reliability of our fans and  rotary heat exchangers combined with our comprehensive lifetime support provides unrivalled value to our customers

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Our equipment is installed across a wide range of power applications, including:

  • Conventional boilers (coal, oil and gas fired) and circulating fluidised (CFB) bed boilers (fossil fuel or biomass fired)
  • Boiler draught fans (forced draught, induced draught, primary air and gas recirculation fans)
  • Rotary heat exchangers (air preheaters - bisector, trisector, quad-sector and concentric arrangements).
  • Replacement baskets for rotary heat exchangers (for all makes of rotary heat exchangers).
  • Rotary heat exchanger sealing system enhancements.
  • Cooling fans for large cooling towers or packaged cooling systems.


Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD)

  • Booster fans (wet or dry booster fans).
  • Rotary regenerative gas/gas heaters (gas reheaters).
  • Replacement baskets for rotary regenerative gas/gas heaters (for all makes of gas/gas heater).
  • Forced oxidation blowers or turbo-compressors.


Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

  • Rotary heat exchanger enhancement or replacement for SCR compatibility.
  • Fan refurbishment or replacement.


Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

  • Screw and reciprocating compressors for gas turbine fuel gas boosting.
  • Cooling fans for mechanical draught cooling towers.
  • Fans for auxiliary and supplementary firing in heat recovery steam generators (HRSG).


Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
Working with the UK's Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) and Inventys we are pioneering a new system of carbon capture which will be suitable for both new build stations and retrofit projects, and could make a significant contribution to meeting carbon reduction targets.

Howden Targets Lower Carbon Emissions

Mechanical Vapour Compression MVC

MVC evaporation (distillation) to prepare boiler feed water from blow-off

MVC evaporation (distillation) to prepare boiler feed water from effluent.

Howden Turbo Fans ExVel products are used in MVC evaporator processes for the concentration of effluents and/or production of distilled water. 


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