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Industrial heat treatment ovens

Heat treatment ovens are used for a variety of different applications, including plastics, process manufacturing, chemical processing, and electronics - anywhere that has a need for curing, drying, baking or moisture removal.
Howden Africa supply a range of heat treatment furnaces custom designed to be fuel efficient and emission compliant.

Industrial Ovens and Furnaces are used widely in the surface finishing process for tempering, curing, stripping and general heat treatment of a wide range of different products. These include metals, glass, plastics and rubber.

Other applications in the metal finishing field include paint stoving, pre-heating, curing powder coatings, hydrogen de-embrittlement, non-stick coatings and drying after plating.

Howden Africa have engineered and supplied custom designed ovens and furnaces for many applications, including:

    • Calcining ovens for automotive catalysts
    • Industrial furnaces
    • Process air heaters
    • Heavy duty ovens for mould drying
    • Retrofits of furnaces and ovens


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