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Cement production is one of the world's most energy intensive industries. Current cement making processes impose a wide range of demands on process fans, including high abrasion, excessive dust build-up, and high temperatures.

Howden supplies the many and varied fan types required by the cement industry, ranging from large custom built fans for process critical applications to pre-engineered units for the lower specification and more general applications.

We supply all the fans for a complete cement plant. These include the process critical  fans, mainly centrifugal, for the pre-heater exhaust, kiln induced draught, raw mill exhaust, final exhaust, cooler forced draught and cement mill exhaust applications.

We also supply all the other associated centrifugal and axial fans.  In the UK we supply rotary positive displacement (RPD) blowers for cement conveying systems. Our experience in the cement industry goes back many years and we have supplied equipment in many parts of the world.

As the ever increasing demand for cement puts pressure on plant capacity and efficiency, our extensive experience in the industry enables us to assist cement manufacturers to increase output by undertake the revamping and upgrading  of fans and allied plant. From the knowledge we have acquired we offer impeller designs that minimise the build up of dust and so reduce maintenance while at the same time boosting performance. We have undertaken the upgrading of many fan installations, enabling plants to increase output and to operate more efficiently and reliably.


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