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Howden Exhibits at Turbomachinery 2013

Howden exhibited recently at the annual Turbomachinery exhibition in Houston, Texas, launching the new brand style to the world.

Turbomachinery was the first marketing event where the re-positioned brand style was revealed to an external audience. As the photographs show, the dramatic ‘new look’ of the booth caught everyone’s attention.

The 42nd Turbomachinery Symposium is one of the major rotating equipment events in North America, targeting an audience across oil & gas, power generation and other industries.

Booth representatives from across Howden's Compressor Division attended the event, which was used to reinforce Howden's position in the market as a leading provider of process critical compressors, systems and services. The exhibition was also used to further enhance close business relationships with key customers, generate new compressor sales and aftersales leads and to improve awareness of Howden's full range of compressor technologies.

Howden's Compressor Division was the first across the Howden group to introduce the re-positioned brand externally. It was clear from the customer's reactions that we have managed to differentiate Howden from the competition, as many visitors commented positively on the new imagery and the use of the colour orange.

For more information on this event, please contact Katie Carlton.  Click here for more information on our new brand.


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