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We are at the heart of your operations 24/7

Howden people live to improve our products and services and for over 160 years our world has revolved around our customers. This dedication means our air and gas handling equipment adds maximum value to your operations. We have innovation in our hearts and every day we focus on providing you with the best solutions for your vital operations.

The mining industry can breathe easy

Our mining clients can work safe in the knowledge that Howden brings over 160 years of experience and its finest minds to their operations. Failure is not an option for our technology – the mechanical lungs of the industry. Any evolution of products and services must be done with absolute cast iron certainty and confidence. That’s what you get from a diligent and dedicated team with a proven track record.

We love extended plant life

Howden’s world revolves around providing the finest equipment and the best aftermarket care to our customers. Having been in the business since 
its inception, the incremental value of our long-term relationships is proven. Our dedicated people develop air and gas handling solutions that prolong plant-life and allow your operations to prosper.

Big builds need the lightest touch

Our equipment may be big, but it’s engineering on the micro-scale that sets Howden apart. Our dedicated engineers fine-tune every detail to give better performance with every turn. And when your plants are designed to operate for decades, the smallest of changes can make a weighty difference to your operations and your bottom line.

Armouring oil and gas performance

Howden builds technology that delivers reliability in even the most extreme conditions. Our products and people thrive in the highpressure world you work in. For process gas handling solutions with a firm grip on the energy industry’s needs, come to Howden.


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