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Sourcing high quality spares is crucial to keep air and gas handling equipment running at the highest level. Howden is constantly improving and where appropriate, we will advise on new technologies or developments that might raise the performance, longevity or economy of installed plant.

If the spares are for equipment originally supplied by Howden or one of our legacy brands, we will refer to the original drawings when manufacturing or supplying parts. All parts come with full warranties, and we can take over the duties of inventory management to ensure you always have the necessary spares.

All Howden spares are manufactured to their original specification to guarantee accuracy, and replacement parts for other manufacturers' fans are made to our own high quality standards.

Spare parts can be supplied, delivered and when necessary installed by Howden engineers as a matter of urgency

To ensure maximum availability, Howden offers air and gas handling part kits which contains the most important spares for each machine.

Read more about our "High performance heating elements for regenerative air and gas heaters".


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