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Installation & Commissioning

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To ensure a high uptime of your equipment, it often is of utmost importance to limit the time needed for installation & Commissioning of either spare parts or a complete installation. Especially in such situations you want the assurance that equipment is correctly installed, so that you can resume full operations reliably within the shortest possible interval.

We have unique global experience with the technologies at the heart of power generation. Where we supply equipment, whether it is replacement of heater elements, a new fan impeller, or a custom designed air pre-heater, we can carry out all of the installation and associated works as a full turnkey service or as required.

Our service technicians and field engineers can supervise the installation and commissioning to ensure the equipment is safely and properly installed and tested. Their experience is invaluable in eliminating problems and minimizing time and cost.

Depending on your demands, we can offer full turnkey solutions, and after installation we will continue to provide all the necessary parts and advice to maintain, and often improve, the performance of the installation throughout its working life. We maintain a complete installation and service record of equipment we support.

In case of de-commissioning our skilled staff can provide the necessary know-how and experience to perform the associated works timely and professionally.

Starting from the installation of the fan, and supervising the start-up and commissioning, we offer a complete lifetime relationship where our services can complement your own in house capabilities.


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