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Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions
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Engineered solutions

Air preheaters play an integral part in the efficient operation of power plants, and upgrades or enhancement provide an extremely cost-effective path to improved performance.

Drawing on our extensive, detailed understanding of the science and engineering of air preheater operation, our engineers can achieve increased thermal performance while also reducing leakage.

Optimising an air preheater using the latest technology can improve efficiency, reliability and availability, match performance to changed demands and reduce operating costs. It can extend equipment life, reduce risks to personnel and rectify troubleshooting issues.

Potential benefits include
  • lower leakage levels, reducing the demands on fans and helping to eliminate the temperature dilution effect.
  • improved overall performance through optimising the heating element profile.
  • better corrosion protection and cleanability through the use of enamelled elements.
  • minimised pressure drop and steady heat transfer characteristics from effective cleaning systems.
Our recent innovations include UltraGen™, a triple technology that combines significant radical improvement in three of these areas to achieve an outstanding cumulative effect.

Using specialised software, we can model either rotating or stationary matrix design heat exchangers and accurately predict the operational and cost advantages of our proposals. Environmental considerations and energy costs make it more important than ever to ensure air preheaters are working at optimised levels.

These case studies demonstrate some of the potential gains we can offer customers.

Case study 1 – Almeria Case Study

Case study 2 – Sanguesa Case Study

Case study 3 – Itabo I Case Study

Case study 4 – Itabo II Case Study

Case study 5 – Teruel Case Study

Case study 6 – AlholmensKraft Case Strudy



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