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Fouling - Enerjet™ cleaning system

The Howden Enerjet™ cleaning system is a soot blowing and washing package designed to provide effective and efficient cleaning of elements while the equipment is running normally. Effective in any rotary heat exchanger, Enerjet™ delivers exceptional results when used in conjunction with the Howden HCP Element™ as part of the UltraGen™ system.

Fouling and plugging in a heat exchanger will lead to an increase in pressure drop, which places an additional burden on the fan. Stopping production for cleaning is costly. In extreme cases the build up of deposits can lead to unplanned outages, with even more serious financial consequences.

Enerjet™ is a highly cost-effective package that delivers powerful, effective cleaning while the heat exchanger is in normal operation. There is no lost production time. By preventing the impaired performance and unplanned outages problems that arise when contaminants form deposits on the elements, the Enerjet™ system can repay its initial investment in under a year

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