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Corrosion - Enamelled elements

Rotary heat exchanger elements are frequently exposed to very severe corrosive conditions. High quality acid resistant vitreous enamelling provides effective resistance to these hazards, especially in gas-gas heaters for FGD applications and on boilers firing high sulphur fuel oil or coal.

Today, we can not only offer the benefits of enamel on low-carbon steel, we have developed advanced techniques and frits that allow is to successfully enamel mild steel using our SureCoat™ Plus process, or LACR or Corten steel using SureCoat™ Premium. This means we can combine the corrosion resistance of enamel with higher-strength, more durable materials.

We employ only the most advanced dry electrostatic coating methods. Specially-developed enamel frits are applied by electrostatic spray, and the elements then undergo a computer-controlled baking process in which the frit is vitrified to create an extremely hard smooth surface.

As heater elements are regularly subjected to high energy excitation forces from the sootblowers used to clean them, it is essential that they are packed in their containers tightly enough to minimise element vibration and consequent fatigue damage. We have developed a special packing process called Surepack Elements™, in which the packing pressure is accurately controlled by computer.

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