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Heating element optimisation

It is common for plant operating conditions to change over the years. Changes such as the type and composition of the fuel or the addition of emissions reduction equipment can have a significant effect on heater operation. Performance modelling enables Howden to select the best element configuration for heater operating conditions.

Howden's custom designed performance selection program allows us to simulate the performance of any type of rotary regenerative air heater under changing operating conditions.

By optimising the heating element configuration the following improvements can be achieved:

- Improving efficiency and /or reducing pressure drop by changing the element profile and layer height
- Improving cleanability by changing the element profile
- Adapt the heating elements for SCR configurations

Please read our paper "Optimising element selection for rotary regenerative heaters"


Our new HC Element™ and HCP Element™ Profiles

The problem of fouling is always present to some degree in coal or oil-fired power plants. The consequence is an increase and sometime unacceptable pressure drop across the heater.

Following extensive research and laboratory testing and field trials, Howden now offers a choice of advanced, high-performance element profiles.

- The HC Element™ profile features straight-through corrugations that allow more effective cleaning and combat pressure drop drift, superior fouling and plugging resistance and improved resistance to fatigue damage from soot blowing.
- The HCP Element™ uses a deep dual-profile design to provide optimum performance at each temperature band without the losses and disruption to flow direction that are the inevitable consequence of using two element layers with a gap between.

For more information you can read our 'HC Element™' and 'HCP Element™' inserts, as well as our case study outlining the positive outcomes we introduced to the Sanguesa power station in Spain.


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