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Air heaters are normally subjected to aggressive operational conditions which change over time and can seriously affect availability, efficiency and operational costs.

Changes such as the type and composition of the fuel or the addition of emissions reduction equipment can have a significant effect on heater operation. Howden's range of remedial options include the radical UltraGen™ approach to raising performance.

Howden upgrades and enhancements can:
  • reduce leakage and leakage drift.
  • improve efficiency.
  • improve cleanability, reducing fouling and pressure drop.
  • combat corrosion & erosion.
  • reduce fire risk.

The upgrades and enhancements we offer can bring marked improvements to performance even in equipment that appears to be running satisfactorily. Developments such as UltraGen™, which combines three individually beneficial developments to achieve outstanding results, will improve productivity and reduce energy consumption wherever they are installed.

Upgrade or enhancement programmes are usually the most cost effective way to improve existing boiler performance. Our continuous product development enables us to improve the performance of equipment from virtually any manufacturer, using state-of-the-art technology to bring existing equipment up to the performance level of a new unit, while extending its working life.

Today’s stringent environmental guidelines and the demand for ever higher energy efficiency makes it increasingly important to explore the services and support we can provide.

UltraGen™ breaks new ground in cleaning up operations

By combining three major innovations, each designed to maximise the advantages of the others, we have achieved a major leap forward in the battle against fouling and plugging. The combination of the dual profile HCP Element™ for cold end applications with the breakthrough SureCoat™ enamel process and the Enerjet™ cleaning system, each valuable alone, dramatically exceeds the sum of the parts.

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