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Screw compressor spares kits

For the convenience of customers, we produce a number of pre-packaged screw compressor spares kits for both XRV and WRV model ranges. The available kits are as follows.


Seal kit
The shaft seal and 'O' ring seal cover, for use when replacing shaft seal only.

Annual inspection kit
All 'O' rings, washers, seals and other items required to carry out an annual inspection.

Thrust bearing kit
A complete set of thrust bearings. Note that when fitting new thrust bearings an annual inspection kit must also be used.

Journal bearing kit
A complete set of inlet and outlet end journal bearings. Note that when fitting new journal bearings an annual inspection kit must also be used. In addition, we recommend that when new journal bearings are fitted, new thrust bearings and shaft seals should also be installed.

Slide valve assemblies 
The WRV slide valve assemblies consist of piston rod, slide valve, locknuts and washers, and include a new guide block and spindle. When fitting new thrust bearings, an annual inspection kit must also be used.

Rotor assemblies
Rotor assemblies are supplied completely assembled and balanced with balance pistons, locknuts, washers and other necessary parts. When rotors are replaced, we recommend that the seal kit, thrust bearing kit, journal bearing kit and annual inspection kit are also used.



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