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Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance contracts

A significant level of product and process knowledge is needed to maintain compressor equipment to a high standard. When the consequences of downtime are expensive and disruptive, it makes economic sense to contract the maintenance out to the company with the knowledge and skills required to prevent unforeseen events.

Howden not only have unique experience in the design and engineering of compressors of all types, we offer a range of flexible maintenance contract options to suit all customers and applications.

Almost every detail of our maintenance contracts can be customized to match individual preferences. We can, at the outset, define the range of equipment covered, the maintenance frequency and strategy, the parts and labour covered, and any targets for long-term, gradual upgrades.

Our maintenance agreements will normally set out
Who is responsible for initiating and carrying out maintenance procedures, and who has budgetary control
The degree to which specific machines and components will be regarded as critical
The maintenance strategies that will apply to each degree of criticality
The optimum balance of availability and reliability for each unit, based on production requirements
Agreed levels for the effectiveness of maintenance to be achieved
Target levels for improvements in the supply chain.



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