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Compressor Upgrades, Re-rates & Revamps

Our global aftermarket network can offer a broad range of specialist services tailored to the precise needs of your process to ensure optimal performance and extended plant life. These include compressor upgrades, re-rates ad revamps.

We have supplied over 50,000 compressors to industries throughout the world, often for operation in extremely demanding roles such as process gas applications. Many of these machines continue to operate, several decades after installation, at the heart of our customers' operations. To keep them running at peak performance, we offer a suite of services that will return ageing equipment to optimum performance and extend its operating life.

In addition to the tailored engineering services listed below, each of which is described in greater detail on a dedicated page, we offer a comprehensive high-speed rotor balancing service at our Prague facility.

Compressor Re-rates

If the operating conditions or performance requirements of your compressor equipment changes, we can cary out a re-rate process that will match the unit to the new demands of your process without the need to replace the entire compressor.

Compressor Revamps, Rebuilds and Overhauls

For many compressors, a comprehensive overhaul or revamp can present a highly cost-effective way of returning the compressor to its peak performance. Overhauls, revamps and rebuilds can be carried out across all of our compressor technologies.

Compressor Upgrades

We offer a broad range of compressor upgrade options, involving the retrofitting of new technological developments to existing equipment to improve its performance and extend its lifetime.

To find out more please contact your local Howden Compressor Service Centre using our interactive map.


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