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Compressor Upgrades

Upgrades offer the opportunity to improve the performance or extend the operating life of your compressor equipment . We offer a comprehensive suite of upgrade services that covers all of our compressor technologies, and many of our upgrades can also be applied to other manufacturers' equipment.

          Typical upgrades offered by our aftermarket expert include:
    • Installing Hydraulic Fit connections on the piston rods of reciprocating compressors for maximum fatigue strength
    • Introducing Howden's unique Free Floating Piston, FFP™ technology can be fitted to our reciprocating compressors and so extending piston ring life and eliminating rider ring wear.
    • Adding an RSens™ piston monitoring system to provide highly accurate real-time data about the condition of your reciprocating compressors.

      To discuss your specific requirements please contact your local Howden Compressor Service Centre using our interactive map.


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