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Engineered Solutions

Compressor Revamps

We offer a comprehensive revamp solution for our current and legacy product ranges as well as for many compressors supplied by other manufacturers.

A revamp project requires in-depth knowledge of both your industrial process and the compressor technology involved. It is is carefully tailored your particular application requirements. Our engineers will work with you to develop a specification that exactly matches your needs.

Typical revamp projects may involve changes such as:

  • Fitting new compressor rotors and diaphragms inside your existing casing.
  • Adding optimised spherical-type tilting pad bearings to improve rotor stability
  • Introducing purpose-built mechanical wet seals or dry gas seals and related control systems to stop excessive oil seal leakages
  • Replacing gear-type couplings with either dry flexible disc or diaphragm couplings, and so reducing maintenance costs
  • Fitting abradable seals with tighter clearances to reduce recirculation losses and buffer gas consumption
  • Reverse engineering of any component, and incorporating any improvements required


As part of our revamp capability we also offer a broad range of engineering services designed to optimise the performance of your equipment in the field. These services include:

Performance feasibility studies
Mechanical design studies using Finite Element Method techniques
Rotor dynamic analysis including calculation of the torsional and lateral critical speeds, and the transient torsional and lateral unbalanced response
Vibration analysis
System analysis for both process and auxiliary systems

For more information, please contact your local Howden Compressor Service Centre.


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