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VARIAX® Spare Rotor ​Programme

Howden's 'spare rotor' approach to maintenance planning builds on the principle of keeping a spare rotor on standby to provide an exceptionally cost-effective way to benefit from the latest technological developments. We can fully refurbish the rotor you keep in reserve and bring it up to the most modern specification, so you not only have a replacement on hand, you effectively have an upgrade ready for installation when the time is right.

At the very point where delay is critical, this process eliminates ordering and lead time entirely, and you always have complete assurance that your rotor is precisely right for your fan. The replacement can be carried out rapidly and efficiently and, crucially, you are in full control of the process with no need to rely on outside factors. Downtime is kept to a minimum.

The benefits of the Spare Rotor programme include:

  • Immediate availability with no factory lead time
  • Minimised downtime time and minimised lost production
  • One spare rotor can be shared between multiple fans
  • The availability of a spare rotor allows you to meet critical overhaul time schedules, and reduces the impact of unexpected damage
  • Hub and blades can be stored separately to minimise the space required
  • Full service agreement tailored to your specific circumstances and preferences


Click on the link below for more information about the VARIAX® Spare Rotor

VARIAX® Spare Rotor insert



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