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Maintenance & Repairs

Axial Fans
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Maintenance & Repairs

As leading experts in the technology, Howden has the capability to carry out both one-off repairs and full scheduled maintenance packages for all axial fans. For complete peace of mind, we strongly recommend the use of service packages through which we can arrange for all investigations and necessary work to be done at the time most convenient to you, leaving your own staff free for other duties.

We can also respond rapidly to troubleshooting situations and emergency repairs. We keep a detailed record of all the installation, maintenance and servicing work we do, to enable any future activities to be carried out safely and correctly.

We have a choice of support services specially designed for axial fan users, including a real-time, remote monitoring service for Variax fans and an innovative Spare Rotor programme.

Our service packages are designed to prevent unplanned, expensive downtime and unreliable compromises. They typically include services such as:

  • Regular inspection and maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance and advice
  • System diagnosis
  • Upgrades and performance optimisation
  • Troubleshooting
  • On-site balancing and testing
  • Medium and long-term planned downtime management
  • Support in the event of unplanned downtime



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