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Axial Fans

Equipment Monitoring

VARIAX® Remote Monitoring Service

Howden's remote monitoring service enables us to supervise the condition and performance of your VARIAX® fans while you concentrate on the operation of your plant.

Throughout the day, every day, the condition of your fans is closely monitored, with highly qualified engineers who have a complete understanding of fan technology on hand to identify early signs of potential problems. As well as being the most comprehensive and reliable way of avoiding unplanned downtime, Remote Monitoring lifts a significant burden from your in-plant staff.

The benefits of remote monitoring include:

  • Specialist VARIAX® engineers are alert to early signs of maintenance needs affecting your in-house fans
  • We can Identify patterns indicating that modifications or enhancements may improve performance
  • Maintenance can be precisely timed for maximum cost benefit
  • Rugged, reliable and completely secure technology
  • A very broad range of functions, including vibration analysis, detection of oil leakages, and stall probe function monitoring can all be carried out safely without the need for local alarms
  • Stall time is logged and tracked, so that blade life can be accurately predicted
  • Problems with bearings can be identified early, so that replacements are installed only when they are required rather than as part of scheduled maintenance.


All the operating limits and alarm points such as oil quality, and temperature and gas analysis in the inner tube, can be agreed with you in advance.

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