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Engineered Solutions

Engineering solutions

Howden engineers are highly skilled assessing the overall performance of a fan installation in relation to its original duties and to any changes that have taken place in the demands placed upon it. We can provide fully costed proposals for matching the fan to current conditions while improving its reliability and efficiency and reducing operating costs by taking account of the most recent technological advances.

Even when a fan is running satisfactorily, enhancements can bring measurable improvements in efficiency and reduced energy consumption and maintenance demands. Rather than investigate the effects of upgrades on the fan alone, we always consider enhancement projects within the context of your overall production process so that we can provide the best possible balance across your whole operation.

Environmental considerations and their associated legislation, and the cost of energy, have both made it particularly important to monitor fan performance closely. Contact us if you would like to discuss any of the following:

  • Potential improvements to your return on investment
  • Any current troubleshooting issues you may have
  • Improving reliability and availability.
  • Extending the operating life of your fans
  • Increasing performance or matching your fan specification to new demands
  • Improving health and safety conditions during normal operation or scheduled maintenance



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