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Axial Fans

Axial Fans


Axial fans are usually an essential part of a production process. If the need arises for unscheduled maintenance, the consequential costs can be very high. However, even where fans are running reliably, there may be high costs involved in not optimising fan specification to changing conditions, or taking advantage of new technologies.

Every axial fan we supply comes with a lifetime commitment to expert support, from spare parts to turnkey enhancements and upgrades, carried out safely and professionally to keep your fans running at peak performance over many decades. We can enable the fan to benefit from recent technological developments, or we can adapt it to meet new operating conditions.

Howden provides a comprehensive range of services for axial fans, and our extensive experience has given us an in-depth knowledge of the market sectors in which we operate. We understand the different needs of each individual application and always strive to provide you the best possible solution, the one that will maximise performance while minimising lifetime costs.

Our services, designed to ensure availability and efficiency include:

  • Regular assessments and planning of service needs
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Supply of original spare parts
  • Reconditioning and replacement of spares
  • Upgrades that improve availability, reliability, efficiency and performance


We have service staff operating throughout the world. Our dedicated team of technical advisors and field service engineers can draw on the vast resources of a global service network that includes specialists in aerodynamics, construction, noise reduction, stress analysis and mechanical engineering.

As suppliers of a wide range of air and gas handling equipment we can take a holistic, systems approach that will produce the optimal balance of your installed equipment and the best overall productivity.
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