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Air & Gas Cleaning

For many decades now both national and international agencies, and governments, have been legislating to reduce the level of acceptable industrial emissions. Cleaning substances that can be harmful to humans and the environment out of air and gas, whether in the form of solid particles, liquid droplets, or gases has become a complex industry, charged with preventing potentially polluting industries emitting pollutant emissions to air, water or land.


Modern cement making processes impose a wide range of demands on process fans, including high abrasion, excessive dust build-up, and high temperatures. Howden supplies the many and varied fan types required by the cement industry, ranging from large custom built fans for process critical applications to pre-engineered units for the lower specification and more general applications.


The demands placed on equipment in the chemical industry are particularly high. Toxic, corrosive and unstable gases are frequently a part of chemical production processes. Maintaining the purity of gases being handled is a priority in the pharmaceutical and biological industries. We supply a range of equipment to the chemical industry, from fans for boiler and incineration plants that supply heat and process steam, to fans that are used on exhaust and emissions control systems to equipment that handles the materials being processed.

Emissions control

Regulatory authorities around the world continue to set stricter standards which industrial companies of all kinds have to comply with in order to maintain a clean atmosphere. Howden products are used in many systems which assist industry to control the exhaust process and our innovative R&D programmes continue to improve product performance for our customers


A variety of fan types are used for heating, ventilating and air conditioning HVAC applications. Howden American Fan Company offers a complete range of Axial Fans and Centrifugal Fans for this application. Typical installations include high-rise buildings, sporting arenas, and hospitals.


Incineration is one method which is widely used for disposing of organic waste material. In some cases incineration is the preferred, or even mandatory, form of disposal however, all incinerators should be professionally installed with appropriate means of removing any particulate remnants which are contained in the exhaust gases.

Industrial heat treatment

Heat treatment ovens are used for a variety of different applications, including plastics, process manufacturing, chemical processing, food production, and electronics - anywhere that has a need for curing, drying, baking or moisture removal.

Industrial Processes

Our industrial fan division concentrates on supplying a wide range of fans and blowers* which provide a continuous flow of air or gas to support the needs of specific industrial processes including aeration, cooling, drying, combustion, ventilation, particulate transport and exhaust gases.

Iron & steel

Some of today's most arduous applications for fans and compressors are to be found in the iron and steel industry. The need to move large volumes of air or gas, in many cases at high pressures and high dust burdens, places stringent demands on the mechanical design of the impeller.

Mechanical Vapour Compression

There are several methods for generating the energy required to carry out an evaporation or crystallization process including Multiple Effect Evaporation (MEE) and Thermal Vapor Compression (TVC) but typically the more efficient approach will be using Mechanical Vapour Compression (MVC).


The metals industry remains a highly capital intensive sector where reliability and performance of equipment is paramount to ensuring continuous production. Howden products deliver efficient and effectively as part of the process for customers in ferrous and non-ferrous primary and secondary metals production.

Midstream oil & gas

Companies operating midstream are processing, storing, selling and moving a wide range of oil and gas commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), and liquefied natural gas (LNG - mainly ethane, propane, and butane) as well as sulphur.

Mineral processing

Separating metals and minerals from ore by refining and smelting can require corrosive chemicals, and heat andHowden supplies equipment to meet the demanding requirements of the metals and mineral processing industries. Howden products - fans, blowers and turbo-compressors, are found in all sectors from the mine site to smelters and refining plants.


We engineer and construct large turnkey ventilation, refrigeration and gas cleaning systems, integrate equipment into existing plant, or supply stand-alone units for user-defined duties. With nearly 160 years’ experience it is little wonder that the world’s major commodities producers trust us to design, build, install and commission engineered solutions that offer the user exceptional performance and dependability, even in the harshest operating conditions.


Shipboard ventilation systems supply and remove air to/from spaces throughout the ship. They control the quality of breathing air and protect personnel and sensitive equipment from potentially hazardous airborne contaminants, fires, explosions, and excessive heat. Howden designs shipboard ventilation systems that help improve air quality, reduce noise and enhance overall installation. As a result, Howden is a preferred partner for many Navy, Marine and Maritime ship owners and operators.


We have supplied highly specialised blower packages for the nuclear industry and equipment for a number of other applications for many years. Howden is leading the way in developing helium gas circulators for the latest inherently fail-safe pebble bed modular reactors (PBMR).


Howden compressor technologies operate safely across a wide range of applications within the petrochemical industry. Compression installations are designed to user specifications and integrate site processes perfectly in terms of performance, reliability and robustness.

Power generation

The world is increasingly reliant on having a reliable supply of power - and our products play a central role in supporting the power producers who need efficient, reliable fans, rotary regenerative heat exchangers, fluid drives and other equipment to keep the generating process running continuously. Howden has supplied over 40,000 boiler draught fans and almost 5,000 rotary heat exchangers in over 100 countries making it a leading supplier to the industry.

Pulp & paper

Companies in the pulp and paper industry use wood as a raw material to produce pulp, paper, board and other cellulose-based products. This is done by chemically or mechanically separating cellulose fibres from wood, fibre crops or waste paper and then putting the material through a high temperature process. Most pulp will end up in the form of paper, card or board.


Downstream oil & gas refers to the part of the industry which takes the crude oil into refining and then through the selling and distribution chain - refining and transforming hydrocarbons into more valuable products such as fertilizers, rubbers, liquified petroleum gas (LPG), petrol, and diesel amongst others. Key customers in this segement would be oil refineries, petrochemical plants, petroleum product distribution, retail outlets and natural gas distribution companies.


Refrigeration is a process in which heat is taken from one location and moved to another. Refrigeration has many applications within industry, such as food refrigerators, industrial freezers, cryogenics, and air conditioning. The refrigeration industry also supports many other sectors such as the leisure industry where ice rinks and ski slopes are dependent on refrigerated solutions.

Sugar industry

The sugar production process has become increasingly automated in recent years. As a result the system is dependent on having reliable equipment installed which guarantees a low operating cost over a long life span. Considerable quantities of heat and power are used in refining sugar and the boiler plant is a vital part of the production process. Howden provides process fans as well ventilation and cooling fans.


The transport sector provides many applications which require series-produced fans that operate with high reliability. Howden fans may be found on the latest high-speed rail locomotives, in heavy duty off road vehicles, and in ships. We custom design fans to meet the precise requirements of the manufacturer for each of their particular locomotive types or vehicles. We then produce the fans in series, to the unique specification of each application.

Tunnel ventilation

Good ventilation is an essential part of the planning process for modern tunnel design – especially in road and rail tunnels where passenger safety and comfort is essential. Vehicle tunnels and metros have to be able to meet the air flow demands which match changing traffic conditions, as well as being able to remain in operation during emergency situations.

Upstream oil & gas

Howden compressor technologies offer the best long-term value across a wide range of upstream oil and gas applications. Our offering includes high volume compression solutions that are capable of handling particulates and corrosive gases. Our systems are custom designed to operate reliably in some of the most demanding operating environments where downtime is not an option.


Ventilation is the process of "changing" or replacing air in any space. Ventilation includes both the exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within a building. Donkin Fans (Africa) manufacture a wide range of pre-engineered fans covering the full spectrum of domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation applications.

Waste Water Treatment

The waste water treatment industry requires the movement of large volumes of air at low pressure and Howden compressors provide a reliable source of air for its key process - aeration. This process can account for over 60% of the power used in a treatment plant, so Howden compressors are designed to deliver cost effective aeration solutions, optimising plant operations and lowering life cycle costs.

Wind tunnels

Howden works with many companies who utilise wind tunnels in aerodynamic research to study the effects of air moving past, or through, objects. Clients include car manufacturers and F1 teams. A wind tunnel is a closed environment with a fan system at one end, and the object under test situated in the middle. The fan directs a stream of air past through the object allowing the researchers to study the air flows and make improvements to streamline performance.


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