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Wind tunnels

Howden works with many companies who utilise wind tunnels  in aerodynamic research to study the effects of air moving past, or through, objects. Clients include automobile manufacturers and F1 racing teams.

A wind tunnel is a closed environment with a fan system at one end, and the object under test in the middle. The fan delivers a stream of air past the object allowing researchers to study the air flows and make improvements to streamline performance.

Manufacturers have to meet ever increasing demands for improved efficiency and performance, as well as for lower noise levels. This frequently requires the assembly, and its components, to be tested in wind tunnels.

Since the beginning of the early 1930s Howden has been considered an innovative and competent partner for the supply of wind tunnel fans.

Our fans are used in all possible wind tunnel applications:

  • Aerodynamic wind tunnels for velocities up to 300 km/h.
  • Acoustic wind tunnels.
  • Climatic wind tunnels with a temperature range from - 50° to 60°C.
  • Low temperature wind tunnels for operating temperatures down to - 173°C.
  • Vertical
  • Aviation
  • Automotive

Our clients come from a range of sectors where performance data is critical in making product modifications, and they rely on Howden wind tunnel fans to provide reliable and flexible testing conditions. These include automotive industries (and related sub-suppliers), motor sport (including Formula 1), aircraft designers and makers, space technology suppliers and universities.

Irrespective of whether the application requires aluminium blades or highly sophisticated carbon fibre blades, whether individual blade setting or simultaneously adjustable 'blade setting at rest' is necessary, we can provide an optimised solution. Our scope of work includes engineering, supply, installation as well as extensive other services e.g. maintenance contracts.


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