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Waste water treatment

The waste water treatment industry requires the movement of large volumes of air at low pressure and Howden compressors provide a reliable source of air for its key process - aeration.

This process can account for over 60% of the power used in a treatment plant, so Howden compressors are designed to deliver cost effective aeration solutions, optimising plant operations and lowering life cycle costs.

Image of large Waste water Treatment plant

Waste water treatment is required for both effluent from municipal sewerage systems and from industrial processes such as food, drink, pulp and paper sectors where liquid organic effluents are produced as a by-product.

The demand for treatment plant is growing quickly in many countries to process increasing volumes of waste water whilst avoiding pollution.
We have been involved in waste water treatment for many decades, and have developed our turbo compressor technology for the specific needs of water treatment plants. Our highly efficient turbo compressor design, fitted with variable inlet guide vanes and variable vane diffuser system offers a unique high performance across the entire duty range and not just at full load duty conditions. We have an unrivalled turbo compressor range covering ten frame sizes with volumes from 4,000 to 140,000 m3/h, with the option to install a unified control system that can optimise part-load operation across several blowers.

Howden has extensive application knowledge enabling it to:

  • Develop stand alone or bundled aeration systems to provide an optimal solution
  • Provide performance certification (full load factory testing)
  • Support our clients with technical knowledge beyond the product
  • Install instrumentation and control systems which give clients state-of the-art real-time monitoring of water condition
  • Deliver significant operational savings for our customers.



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