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Howden compressor technologies operate safely across a wide range of applications within the petrochemical industry.

Compression installations are designed to user specifications and integrate site processes perfectly in terms of performance, reliability and robustness.

The petrochemical industry is one of world most complex industry. In petrochemical sites, intermediate HC products are converted into a variety of plastics, rubbers and materials for the manufacturing industries.

Petrochemical sites are large industrial complexes industries handling HC fluids that are reacted with additional fluids. Reactors use pressure, heat and mix gases following processes precisely defined. Presence of explosive gases in sites required safe and reliable equipment designs mostly ruled by demanding customers' specifications and API code.

We supplied various compressor technologies with performances that can be required by the petrochemical industry, ranging from the utility gas compressors to the large critical process applications and from bare shaft to full process systems.  Compressors serve processes such LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PTA, VCM

Compressor typical roles are make up, recycle, feed, gas recovery and blanketing.

We also supply utility gas compressors, such as nitrogen and air compressors. Our experience in the refining industry goes back many years and we have supplied equipment in many parts of the world.

Environmental emission regulation pushes sites to reduce greenhouse emissions. Howden experience is also to help site objectives through the optimisation of equipment efficiency.  Availability of equipments is an important aspect for the sector and it can be optimized as the same as maintenance costs through Howden support.

Howden compressor products are designed and manufactured to operate efficiently in a range of petrochemical applications, including:

  • H2 production, H2 Process feed & cooling, H2 rich gas
  • Hydrocracking, Isomerisation, Catalytic reforming, Ammonia, Benzene, Nylon White oil unit
  • Sulphur recovery units (SRU) & Sulphur acid plant, HDS (Oil free)
  • Butadiene, Ethylene, LDPE
  • Flare gas recovery, Propane, Butane recovery,
  • BOG (Ethylene), Process gas, Make up & recycle
  • Soda ash, Sour hydrocarbons, VCM strip gas
  • Ethylene, PTA, HDPE, LLDPE, VCM, TDI, MDI, TDM, Phenols, Polypropylene, Polymerising gas, Butadiene


In South Africa, Howden Power supplies boiler fans to a large number of petrochemical customers to meet their specific needs.


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