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We have supplied critical components to the nuclear industry since its inception.

We have supplied safety related fans for reactor building cooling as well as submerged gas circulators. Diaphragm compressors are supplied for radioactive gas scavenging. Howden continues to be a leader in the development of submerged helium blowers complete with high speed drives and magnetic bearings.

We designed and developed the CO2 circulators, or submerged blowers, that provide the heat transfer in the Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGRs) and which in turn provide the bulk of the UK’s nuclear generated electricity; units that once installed operate with no maintenance during plant operation. 

For gas reactors we also provided the centrifugal and axial fans used in the cooling and other auxiliary systems.

For water cooled reactors, we supply the fans associated with the various safety systems such as reactor building cooling in addition to other cooling and ventilation systems, and the completely leak tight diaphragm compressors for radioactive gas leak recovery. Where these gases have to be compressed to high pressure it is our compressors that are mainly preferred.

Our encapsulated blowers have been used in the auxiliary systems of demonstration fusion reactors.

For reprocessing plants, specialised centrifugal fans are used for cell cooling and diaphragm compressors for pressure testing. For decommissioning, centrifugal fans are used for ventilation and cooling.

Howden's Burton Corblin® diaphragm compressors handle radioactive gases in their fully insulated compression chambers and serve nuclear power stations, laboratories and other applications where leakage is not an option.



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