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High demands are placed on equipment in the chemical industry.  Toxic, corrosive and unstable gases are often part of the process and maintaining the purity of gases being handled is a priority in the pharmaceutical and biological industries.

We supply a range of equipment to the chemical industry, from fans for process heating and cooling, to compressors that are used for gas compression and processing.

The chemical sector is such a diverse industry that the range of applications for our products is very wide but there is often the need for special materials to prevent corrosion by gases such as wet hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulphide. We supply equipment adapted to meet these special needs. 

Fans can be supplied to be gas tight and made of special materials to resist corrosion while blowers and turbo-compressors are supplied to provide air for carbon black plants and for sulphuric acid plants.

Diaphragm compressors maintain the highest cleanliness of gas being compressed, preventing gas contamination by means of complete separation from mechanical lubrication and the external atmosphere.  Diaphragm compressors are frequently used for offloading and for gas transfer, and have a high pressure capability for reactor feeding.

Piston compressors are custom designed with regards to materials and instrumentation for handling complex chemical gases. Gas properties during compression are considered and package equipment designs and performances are adjusted accordingly.

Howden screw compressors are used for gas handling and in refrigeration plant while Howden ExVel(R) turbo fans are used in MVC evaporators to concentrate chemical solutions for transport and further processing in crystallizers or dryers.


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